Beauty- Creativity- Innovation (and the ever churning brain of a mom who always wants to make things better, easier, and more fun!). We are proud to present the results of all of this brain churning, thought provoking, hair pulling, sleepness nights and resulting creations.

Thirty Eight Roses Designs!

Here at Thirty Eight Roses Designs we believe flowers are for all occasions -- even if there is no special occasion -- but simply just because.

You see, we like to think that a woman is like a flower that is born into a world that would otherwise be barren without her. She slowly rode into our life from a far distance. When she first started her journey she was invisible to the naked eyes. Just like a seed that is planted into the earths soil so she was planted into her mother's womb and from there she journeyed onward. Her family waited with anticipation and barely managed to continuously and patiently await her arrival. This amazing event resembles exactly what I go through whenever I plant my flower seeds into the soil of my beautiful garden at home and, then, having to wait for them to go through the various developing stages before arrival, maturity, and blooming.

Us mothers know the joys we feel when we first saw our daughters right after their arrival. There is nothing to hold back the tears and we didn't even make any effort for it to flow -- it just did. Then, as we watch our daughters grow each day we feel a renewed joy and excitement as if they were our very own beautiful flowers blooming brighter and brighter each day of our lives which makes our lives more meaningful -- and we can smile in response to this awesome feeling of pride and joy in our hearts.
We also constantly think of and want to them everything we imagine will increase their chances of success in becoming the best that they can be in this world.
We encourage them with our kindest and sweetest words and actions that reminds them every day how much we love them. Without such positive sentiments from us and other loved ones, their lives would be like withered flowers starved of watering and other essential nutrition. But with a balanced degree of love given to them they rise and shine like healthy robust and beautiful flowers in our garden -- and their body and mind are as strong and resilient as a well built house standing still upon a hill-top after a mighty storm has passed.

Our daughters are our flowers. As they grow, their beauty shine briliantly like sunlight fanned by the leafs of a sycamore tree. Each one is blessed with her very own unique personality. While our daughters usually love to be given beautiful gifts, they most love them to match their personality. Therefore, if she loves to be a princess then my guess is that she will appreciate a dress fit for a princess. Some girls like to wear a dress everyday whatever the occasion -- while others love to pretend dress-up to show how they might look for different occasions. Whatever your little flower like to do with a cute dress is all up to her. We provide various options for her choosing.

Our dresses are made with a great portion of love, pride and joy as we think of our daughters and yours. As a made in America product we have made sure that as you buy from us you are receiving a truly quality product. Each piece is carefully designed to help bring out each of their amazing personality. We have dresses that are multipurpose too -- some have never been available before anywhere in the United States or other places. We showcase a very unique style of handbag dresses for girls age 3 - 10 among a unique collection. As you browse through our website you will find various other products for women and girls for your convenience.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about us.

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